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Just wanted to say hi and that I'm now a Production Editor. Hell yeah! X




This guy is incredible. His lyrics is incredible.
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When my words stand against yours
I can see them adjusting their ties
Who the hell do you think you are
Letting innocence fight your wars

When my words stand in their best suits
Feeling they could conquer the world
They never thought they would fight wars
The wars between your mouth and mine

When my fine words start losing the fight
They will slowly undress and quietly cry
Every time when I thought you were mine
You insult my words, which are all dead now.



Waking up to cold sweat and headaches was something I had planned to not experience for a while. But then here I am, waking up way too early, rushing up and starts to clean myself and the areas around me to make myself feel a bit less disgusted. And, what buggers me the most is how I can never keep the promise I made to myself that I won't smoke. I don't want to smoke, but still, everytime I drink I can't refuse the urge for nicotine, and waking up next morning with hair reeking of smoke, I feel like shit and each night out becomes a failure. I need to stop. Now. No. More. Nicotine.



I have just found my man of words and I'm completely speechless.

People always ask me:
“How do you memorize all of that?”
And the truth is the first girl I ever kissed, tasted like tomatoes.
And I know this, because the second girl I ever kissed tasted like pepper.
It wasn’t unpleasant.
It’s just that I was expecting tomatoes.

In search of midnight
Somewhere, in the cold midnight of Idaho two women prepare to leave town together, ’cause they’re tired of drawing public attention to the way they hold each others hands. Couples in Idaho do hold hands, they just don’t usually look like two women.

Just speechless