Please people check this video out. The Universe is everything.




Just wanted to say hi and that I'm now a Production Editor. Hell yeah! X




This guy is incredible. His lyrics is incredible.
Have a good day/night people <3 p="p">



When my words stand against yours
I can see them adjusting their ties
Who the hell do you think you are
Letting innocence fight your wars

When my words stand in their best suits
Feeling they could conquer the world
They never thought they would fight wars
The wars between your mouth and mine

When my fine words start losing the fight
They will slowly undress and quietly cry
Every time when I thought you were mine
You insult my words, which are all dead now.



Waking up to cold sweat and headaches was something I had planned to not experience for a while. But then here I am, waking up way too early, rushing up and starts to clean myself and the areas around me to make myself feel a bit less disgusted. And, what buggers me the most is how I can never keep the promise I made to myself that I won't smoke. I don't want to smoke, but still, everytime I drink I can't refuse the urge for nicotine, and waking up next morning with hair reeking of smoke, I feel like shit and each night out becomes a failure. I need to stop. Now. No. More. Nicotine.



I have just found my man of words and I'm completely speechless.

People always ask me:
“How do you memorize all of that?”
And the truth is the first girl I ever kissed, tasted like tomatoes.
And I know this, because the second girl I ever kissed tasted like pepper.
It wasn’t unpleasant.
It’s just that I was expecting tomatoes.

In search of midnight
Somewhere, in the cold midnight of Idaho two women prepare to leave town together, ’cause they’re tired of drawing public attention to the way they hold each others hands. Couples in Idaho do hold hands, they just don’t usually look like two women.

Just speechless



I feel like I've neglected this blog a little bit by starting a new one, but only due to the lack of Glasgow blogs. I've become such a blog whore. But that's ok. 
I'm living quietly in this city, and am kind of waiting for it to start. Which is stupid and silly I know, cause it has already started. But it always takes some time for me to get use to things, so I'll just have to do it in this pace. 
We all need newness at some point, and I think I've found the right place for me to get that. Of course I miss the London I know, and all my friends there, but I also feel like I moved at the right time, when everything was still on a high. Life is amazing, and I'm just a bit too slow to grasp it. But I'll get there.



Aye. (Yes in Scottish).

Hello friends.
I've now started to get my barings around the West End of Glasgow, and so far I'm liking it. Everyone drinks Irn Bru (Iron Brew..). Literally everyone. They sell it any place you could think of; they drink it like water. So have to try that, even though it looks like an orange's urine. They also sell loose beer cans in Tesco. The drink that like water too. Yeah, I must come across as a health freak from Mars. But it's ok. 
I went on a first, heart-burning run yesterday morning, and the air was that crisp as you expect Scottish air to be. Wonderbaum.
My accommodation is like a mixture of a posh student hall and an Ikea hotel. Pretty damn good. We have our own everything except for the kitchen which is shared. Could potentially be a good way of meeting new people bla bla. 
Speaking of fellow students; they are ALL Asian. Oh, if they're not Spanish that is. My flatmate Joseph is awesome. Chinese, kind and understand my sense of humour. Good start.

To be continued..
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I'm now on the train on my to Glasgow, surrounded by a language that I can't understand,  the ultimate start for my four years up there. But it's worth it though, it doesn't matter whether I understand it or not, it's amazing. Might slightly affect my academic results, but hopefully I'll get in to the Haggis and deep-fried Mars bars soon.
I miss London, but I've already seen fog, clear-green wood, sheep and men sitting on benches in the middle of nowhere. That's the way.
I had some cider last night, together with the third goodbye-drink. I wish I felt a bit more alert, need to sort out my accommodation situation, which isn't really existing yet. But thank you lovely people for being lovely.
And yeah, I'm officially a STUDENT.




The summer eventually came to an end and here I am back in my Swedish bed. Everything smells of home and in some ways it feels like everything that has happened this summer was just a dream I had. 
However, I can feel some changes working their ways through my body, and I am crazy happy that I moved back, if only for such a short period of time. But London will always there, maybe not all the awesome people I know there, but nothing is final. 

My flatmate Julia is awesomeness itself and I think we've learnt quite a bit from and about each other by living so closely. That will always be with me and she will always be someone that means millions.

Today is Monday and on Saturday I'm moving again. To the country of Whisky and golf. And the most incredible accent, and beautiful landscapes. As always, my feelings go up and down as the day goes by, but that's ok because overall I can feel that this was the right decision. And, nothing is final. 

To be home again is lovely, maybe because I know I'm soon off again.

We'll see, people xx


Let it all wash out

I've got one more month here in the city of awesomeness and I feel far from done with it. Last night after work I spend some money and time with my cousin. She is moving here in a few weeks to start Uni. Not jealous. 
London weather still can't decide how to be, but it's ok, because I think we've all got used to that now and are all just waiting for autumn to begin. 
I've met some people here this summer whom I'll never forget, and I've already planned the weeks I can come back here. Cause it's great. 
Yesterday at the market I met the hippie man again, Dave, he who sets an alarm to remember his thinking time. He told me about this website from Gothenburg where loads of different people podcast about hidden phenomenons around the world. Borough market sure is something else.



You Are Could I?

The heath found its way to London and no one knows what to do. It's too hot to stand and it's too hot to talk. But it's lovely and it makes everything and everyone shimmering. So thats nice. My milky way legs are in shock though, they're not prepared for this and I don't know what to do for them. Stay in the shade is probably the best idea right now. What I would like to do though is to lay in the grass in a park somewhere, but you gotta work. I'll put myself out on the terrace now to at least get some sun today. Let's see what my legs think about that. 


Sweet thing

Sometimes I pretend that life is a movie, but only sometimes, and when I do that I always pick a song to go with that situation. Over the years I've struggled with picking the ultimate love song. I have recently realized that it is definitely 'Sweet thing' by Van Morrison. Definitely. So when the day comes when I meet my dude, I hope someone will take the initiative and put it on. Cause it's awesome. 



Crocodile in the sky

Today I slept through my alarm. First time in my life. As I'm sleeping in the kitchen I need to wear earplugs, which I am counting on to fall out every night. Because they always do. Except for today. It's quite thrilling to oversleep, to see to what extent you can rush yourself. I did good, done and gone in 27 minutes. Wow. Just wow.
Other than that, three comstumers complimented my coffee. That's something.


6000 seconds

I live in a dream land flat. Everything is white and peachy and right outside our door is the great Stoke Newington. And my flatmate is awesome. That's all for today.




Today is the day when my baby sister becomes a teenager and I can't call her my baby sister anymore, but I will do that anyway. Because she will always be a baby years old for me. I hope she will have an undramatic teenage period. These things are scary, cause it means I'm getting so fricking old too. We're all getting old. And wiser. Hopefully.

I'm still struggling with this odd never ending hungover of mine, or whatever it is. Every time I am to turn my head it feels like it's falling off my neck. Not even coffee tastes good. And I'm sweating and shivering at the same time.

Love to Lovisa!


Adam Sackler

Today I'm suffering from a two day long hungover and have just managed to stand up straight for more than a minute. The good thing about these days is that you're completely allowed to do nothing. When you are, I always get the urge to do everything. Like everything you never, but always want to do, but don't do because they make you feel like you're not achieving enough with your day. I always end up watching series. Or writing. I've done both today, and I am very glad I chose to watch Girls. Girls is amazing, it's got the perfect mix of misery and humour, and I fell in love with Adam. 

Soon my little flatmate will be home, and we will start another show called Suits. Apparently it's good.
And also, yesterday at the market my hand was target for a massive blob of boiling oil and you can see the outline of its splash. High life.


Sunny Rain

I feel like I'm going to die. Literally. Every single time you go out, you seem to have forgotten how horrible that hungover that awaits you the next day is. It's like you don't believe the horribleness, because when you feel normal you can't actually imagine that kind of misery. That's how I'm feeling right now. And I've spent the whole day on the market, surronded by cheese in all its forms. I was so close to throw up right on top of a plate of raclette. But I didnt. It's amazing how you can make yourself adapt to the state your in, and just get on with it.
I'm glad this day is finally over. Will carry on with force feeding myself with yoghurt and try to keep my eyes open till 8 o'clock.




I've just realized that I am somewhat of a pushover. I simply can't ignore people. Yesterday I was in a shoe store, and was trying on a pair of shoes. One of those super positive and hip sales assistants came up to me and started smile-talking. She was super hip and positive and said that pimpsoles are really cool, and 'You want to get them, yeah?' Instead of saying 'No' and just hand them to her, I started mumbling on about how they made me too tall. And that since my back is crooked, I need to be careful with what kind of shoes I wear. As if she would care? Really? Just walk away, man.

I need to man up.


J.D Salinger

Today I'm feeling very weird and I'm homesick. London is filled with sun and I'm off to work in minute. It's just slightly lonely here in Stokey today. 



Sky high

As I briefly mentioned in the previous post, the amount of strange people you meet in this city is striking, and actually one of the things I like most about London. Not only do I like the strange people, but also the strange ways you meet people. You find that you meet the most interesting ones in the most random places. Today at the market I was standing in the little booth where all stalls wash their equipments at the end of the day. This man came in and started washing his things, and we started to chat. While we were talking I could hear his phone ringing so I told him that he was ringing. He said oh yes, that's my 4o'clock alarm, to remind myself not to forget to visualise and to think happy thoughts. Apparently, each day at set hours this man takes a minute to think about his dreams and visions, and in that way keeps focusing on what he really wants out of life. 'If you think shitty thoughts, of course that'll make you feel shitty.' The law of attraction is something that I love and I'm fascinated by the different ways people use it. This guy, Dave, was 43 years old and what he really wanted to do was to live Australia and film. He wanted to live together with other artists in a big collective and just be creative. I told him he really had all figured out and he said yeah, you have to.
I've got this app on my phone which is called 'Transform you life' or something similarly innovative. Today's post was to imagine your life without fear and face everything that happens during the day with calm. I think this all comes down to the same thing. Just dare to focus on what you want, and as Dave said, forget about the how, it will happen when you least expect it anyway. Just concentrate on yout thoughts, and it will all come together just like you want it to. When I had just arrived I decided that I would get the job at the market and the one in the cheese stall, and look at me now!
The universe is awesome.



Today I've got myself a second job, and I love it! This summer I will be cutting cheese and steeming milk. I love cheese. And milk. Wonder if you could combine steeming milk and cutting cheese, like opening a cheese/coffee shop, where you can browse around isles of cheese, sipping on a flat white. Or a long black. Yeah.
In both of my work places I've ran into creepers and weirdos, both Hackney and Borough market are filled with them. I think I've been blessed with some kind of super power to attract them. They come up to me out of nowhere, and through the years I've learned how to appreciate them.
Anyway, I love London and I never want to leave.



Onions Make You Cry

Today I realized that I no longer speak English, it's rather an awkward mumble which is hoping to find it's way to what I want to say. It's really annoying when you're around new people, because they just assume that you are boring as milk and then you notice that that's what they're thinking, and this is when the real akwardness begins. Today I managed to keep it in though, but I can feel it boiling inside of me. It was about to explode, like a vomit, onto the table stuffed with all the different kinds of onion you can imagine. Even this text is futile, uninteresting, scattered and I don't know. I don't know. What I do know is that today the clouds had holes in them, and I could relate.



Hi 3 years later.

I moved home and then I moved back home again. So now I'm kind of home. Again.
I got a job in a cheese stall, and a bed in a kitchen. I wouldn't want it any differently. My flatmate is a sneaky flapjack, and I love her. Stokey already seems different, and it got us to thank. Not that Stokey needs any change though, I think it's probably the best place on earth. Or at least in London. The thing I was afraid of with moving to London was the fact that I won't be able to move from here when the summer ends. And I was right. But! I am moving to another awesome city, and it will be great. Life is good. It's filled with fat and sugar, beer, and morning runs. And homous, naturally.
I will start to write here again, I like blogging. And, it's very east London.

Love x