Waking up to cold sweat and headaches was something I had planned to not experience for a while. But then here I am, waking up way too early, rushing up and starts to clean myself and the areas around me to make myself feel a bit less disgusted. And, what buggers me the most is how I can never keep the promise I made to myself that I won't smoke. I don't want to smoke, but still, everytime I drink I can't refuse the urge for nicotine, and waking up next morning with hair reeking of smoke, I feel like shit and each night out becomes a failure. I need to stop. Now. No. More. Nicotine.



I have just found my man of words and I'm completely speechless.

People always ask me:
“How do you memorize all of that?”
And the truth is the first girl I ever kissed, tasted like tomatoes.
And I know this, because the second girl I ever kissed tasted like pepper.
It wasn’t unpleasant.
It’s just that I was expecting tomatoes.

In search of midnight
Somewhere, in the cold midnight of Idaho two women prepare to leave town together, ’cause they’re tired of drawing public attention to the way they hold each others hands. Couples in Idaho do hold hands, they just don’t usually look like two women.

Just speechless



I feel like I've neglected this blog a little bit by starting a new one, but only due to the lack of Glasgow blogs. I've become such a blog whore. But that's ok. 
I'm living quietly in this city, and am kind of waiting for it to start. Which is stupid and silly I know, cause it has already started. But it always takes some time for me to get use to things, so I'll just have to do it in this pace. 
We all need newness at some point, and I think I've found the right place for me to get that. Of course I miss the London I know, and all my friends there, but I also feel like I moved at the right time, when everything was still on a high. Life is amazing, and I'm just a bit too slow to grasp it. But I'll get there.



Aye. (Yes in Scottish).

Hello friends.
I've now started to get my barings around the West End of Glasgow, and so far I'm liking it. Everyone drinks Irn Bru (Iron Brew..). Literally everyone. They sell it any place you could think of; they drink it like water. So have to try that, even though it looks like an orange's urine. They also sell loose beer cans in Tesco. The drink that like water too. Yeah, I must come across as a health freak from Mars. But it's ok. 
I went on a first, heart-burning run yesterday morning, and the air was that crisp as you expect Scottish air to be. Wonderbaum.
My accommodation is like a mixture of a posh student hall and an Ikea hotel. Pretty damn good. We have our own everything except for the kitchen which is shared. Could potentially be a good way of meeting new people bla bla. 
Speaking of fellow students; they are ALL Asian. Oh, if they're not Spanish that is. My flatmate Joseph is awesome. Chinese, kind and understand my sense of humour. Good start.

To be continued..
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I'm now on the train on my to Glasgow, surrounded by a language that I can't understand,  the ultimate start for my four years up there. But it's worth it though, it doesn't matter whether I understand it or not, it's amazing. Might slightly affect my academic results, but hopefully I'll get in to the Haggis and deep-fried Mars bars soon.
I miss London, but I've already seen fog, clear-green wood, sheep and men sitting on benches in the middle of nowhere. That's the way.
I had some cider last night, together with the third goodbye-drink. I wish I felt a bit more alert, need to sort out my accommodation situation, which isn't really existing yet. But thank you lovely people for being lovely.
And yeah, I'm officially a STUDENT.




The summer eventually came to an end and here I am back in my Swedish bed. Everything smells of home and in some ways it feels like everything that has happened this summer was just a dream I had. 
However, I can feel some changes working their ways through my body, and I am crazy happy that I moved back, if only for such a short period of time. But London will always there, maybe not all the awesome people I know there, but nothing is final. 

My flatmate Julia is awesomeness itself and I think we've learnt quite a bit from and about each other by living so closely. That will always be with me and she will always be someone that means millions.

Today is Monday and on Saturday I'm moving again. To the country of Whisky and golf. And the most incredible accent, and beautiful landscapes. As always, my feelings go up and down as the day goes by, but that's ok because overall I can feel that this was the right decision. And, nothing is final. 

To be home again is lovely, maybe because I know I'm soon off again.

We'll see, people xx