Adam Sackler

Today I'm suffering from a two day long hungover and have just managed to stand up straight for more than a minute. The good thing about these days is that you're completely allowed to do nothing. When you are, I always get the urge to do everything. Like everything you never, but always want to do, but don't do because they make you feel like you're not achieving enough with your day. I always end up watching series. Or writing. I've done both today, and I am very glad I chose to watch Girls. Girls is amazing, it's got the perfect mix of misery and humour, and I fell in love with Adam. 

Soon my little flatmate will be home, and we will start another show called Suits. Apparently it's good.
And also, yesterday at the market my hand was target for a massive blob of boiling oil and you can see the outline of its splash. High life.

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