Sky high

As I briefly mentioned in the previous post, the amount of strange people you meet in this city is striking, and actually one of the things I like most about London. Not only do I like the strange people, but also the strange ways you meet people. You find that you meet the most interesting ones in the most random places. Today at the market I was standing in the little booth where all stalls wash their equipments at the end of the day. This man came in and started washing his things, and we started to chat. While we were talking I could hear his phone ringing so I told him that he was ringing. He said oh yes, that's my 4o'clock alarm, to remind myself not to forget to visualise and to think happy thoughts. Apparently, each day at set hours this man takes a minute to think about his dreams and visions, and in that way keeps focusing on what he really wants out of life. 'If you think shitty thoughts, of course that'll make you feel shitty.' The law of attraction is something that I love and I'm fascinated by the different ways people use it. This guy, Dave, was 43 years old and what he really wanted to do was to live Australia and film. He wanted to live together with other artists in a big collective and just be creative. I told him he really had all figured out and he said yeah, you have to.
I've got this app on my phone which is called 'Transform you life' or something similarly innovative. Today's post was to imagine your life without fear and face everything that happens during the day with calm. I think this all comes down to the same thing. Just dare to focus on what you want, and as Dave said, forget about the how, it will happen when you least expect it anyway. Just concentrate on yout thoughts, and it will all come together just like you want it to. When I had just arrived I decided that I would get the job at the market and the one in the cheese stall, and look at me now!
The universe is awesome.

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