Hi 3 years later.

I moved home and then I moved back home again. So now I'm kind of home. Again.
I got a job in a cheese stall, and a bed in a kitchen. I wouldn't want it any differently. My flatmate is a sneaky flapjack, and I love her. Stokey already seems different, and it got us to thank. Not that Stokey needs any change though, I think it's probably the best place on earth. Or at least in London. The thing I was afraid of with moving to London was the fact that I won't be able to move from here when the summer ends. And I was right. But! I am moving to another awesome city, and it will be great. Life is good. It's filled with fat and sugar, beer, and morning runs. And homous, naturally.
I will start to write here again, I like blogging. And, it's very east London.

Love x

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