Aye. (Yes in Scottish).

Hello friends.
I've now started to get my barings around the West End of Glasgow, and so far I'm liking it. Everyone drinks Irn Bru (Iron Brew..). Literally everyone. They sell it any place you could think of; they drink it like water. So have to try that, even though it looks like an orange's urine. They also sell loose beer cans in Tesco. The drink that like water too. Yeah, I must come across as a health freak from Mars. But it's ok. 
I went on a first, heart-burning run yesterday morning, and the air was that crisp as you expect Scottish air to be. Wonderbaum.
My accommodation is like a mixture of a posh student hall and an Ikea hotel. Pretty damn good. We have our own everything except for the kitchen which is shared. Could potentially be a good way of meeting new people bla bla. 
Speaking of fellow students; they are ALL Asian. Oh, if they're not Spanish that is. My flatmate Joseph is awesome. Chinese, kind and understand my sense of humour. Good start.

To be continued..
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