The summer eventually came to an end and here I am back in my Swedish bed. Everything smells of home and in some ways it feels like everything that has happened this summer was just a dream I had. 
However, I can feel some changes working their ways through my body, and I am crazy happy that I moved back, if only for such a short period of time. But London will always there, maybe not all the awesome people I know there, but nothing is final. 

My flatmate Julia is awesomeness itself and I think we've learnt quite a bit from and about each other by living so closely. That will always be with me and she will always be someone that means millions.

Today is Monday and on Saturday I'm moving again. To the country of Whisky and golf. And the most incredible accent, and beautiful landscapes. As always, my feelings go up and down as the day goes by, but that's ok because overall I can feel that this was the right decision. And, nothing is final. 

To be home again is lovely, maybe because I know I'm soon off again.

We'll see, people xx

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